Waves For Water works on the front-line to provide
clean water to communities in need around the world

We work with world leaders and strategic partners who take a no-nonsense attitude toward making global change.


As a professional surfer for 13 years, Jon Rose traveled the world in pursuit of perfect waves. His adventures led him to some of the most breathtaking and remote locations in the world and he was aboard a boat off the coast of Sumatra during a surf trip in Sept. 2009 when he felt a slight shake.

He had no way of knowing that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake had destroyed the city of Padang – with more than 1,000 lives lost and 100,000 homeless – until he came to shore and saw the devastated city.Jon happened to be en route to Bali to deliver 10 water filters for what would have been his first Waves For Water mission. But with tragedy striking Sumatra, he made his way through the crumbled buildings in the early hours after the quake to get water filters into the hands of rescue workers to help the overwhelmed country and wounded victims in need of clean water.

It was at that moment Jon’s life would change – and in turn, so would the lives of others who would soon have access to clean water. The eye-opening experience solidified the need for Waves For Water.

Not long after, tragedy had hit Haiti. The devastating earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and injured 250,000 more. Jon quickly teamed up with relief organizations that allowed him to work with partners such as the United Nations in getting water filters to communities in distress. Over the last 5 years over roughly 3 million Haitians (with a population of 9 million) have been touched by our programming, through over 15 partnerships. And our work continues there today.

The Waves For Water objective is to identify the problem and quickly connect an existing user-friendly solution. The long-term goal for Waves For Water is to be proactive, rather than reactive. There is no reason anyone should die from lack of clean water, people have already done the hard work and have developed technology solutions that help eliminate senseless deaths. It is our job to make sure that technological solutions and quality education are in the hands of those who need them. In addition, individuals who are traveling to areas in need can easily eliminate the distribution challenges most bureaucracies face in philanthropic aid programs.

One in six people still do not have access to clean water and that is ridiculous, we strongly believe that as a group, as a movement, we can solve this problem in our lifetime.


Board Members

Guga Ketzer

Zeb Stewart

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