Crawford Family trip to Siargao!



Project Overview

Hi Friends

thank you so much for reading this. as many of you know, every year we take a big trip to a far flung destination and this year we are headed to Siargao. we feel so fortunate to be able to travel and explore the world and this year will add real purpose to this adventure. Waves for Water is a terrific organization that provides clean water filters to people in need around the world.

we are fundraising to bring filters to Siargao and deliver them to people who can use them for safe, clean water to raise healthy families. sadly, the reality is that much of the world struggles to have clean water. Access to clean water improves personal and civic well-being, increases overall health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and employment, contributing to the overall advancement of individuals and their communities.

Please consider contributing what you can.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Siargao - Phillipines

Filter Goal
30 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


Erik Lomis
Donated: $100

Leslee Dart
Donated: $250

John A Rindfuss
Donated: $50

Nicole Avery
Donated: $50

Adam Fogelson
Donated: $100

Terry Curtin
Donated: $100

Amy Elkins
Donated: $100

Rebecca Mall
Donated: $50

Leila Reynolds
Donated: $100

Christopher Aronson
Donated: $100