Anni Adventures; A Big Bicycle Ride



Project Overview

On the 1st August 2018 I will begin riding my bicycle in Broome, Western Australia with the aim of riding her all the way home to the UK. This journey will take me across remote areas of Western and Northern Australia, through South East Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Europe; eventually reaching the UK.

As much as I love the freedom and feeling of riding a bike, I do not identify myself as a cyclist. I see my bike as an human powered travel machine that enables me to travel at a pace slow enough to truly feel and immerse myself in each environment and culture it takes me through.

Having experienced the warm hearted and overwhelmingly hospitable nature of Asian culture in my previous travels, I have thought long and hard about how to touch on reciprocating this generosity by helping in a way that continues to bring benefits long after I have passed through the community.

Thinking back to my own struggles of finding clean and reliable water sources without contributing to the vast use of plastic I realised the huge benefits of carrying a water filtration device. This eye opening realisation that myself as a foreign visitor had the ability to obtain clean water but local people didn't is what lead me to research the possibility of water filter distribution and discover the Waves for Water Courier Programme.

So how do I go about it?

This is where I need your help!

The MVP water filter costs 35 USD (around 26.50 GBP) and are able to filter 1 million Gallons of water providing enough clean water for 100 people per day for 5 years. Through your donations I will be able to receive the filters from Waves for Water and begin distributing them to schools, medical centres or families living in remote areas that need them most.

Travelling by bicycle means I already carry my means of shelter, hydration, food and outdoor equipment with me; leaving space for only 2 or 3 filters at any one time. Through the power of good people I have a few postage points set up in Darwin, Bali & Koh Tao where I will be able to pick up a parcel to resupply with more filters on route!

All the best,

Anni x

Statistics & Progress

Destination Timor Leste, Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Central Asia, Eastern Europe

Filter Goal
5 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+


Donated $10

Donated $27

Donated $25

Shirley Downs
Donated: $25

Sophie Hewitt
Donated: $50

Matthew Falk
Donated: $25