A Filipino Christmas


Auburn , CA US

Project Overview

Im an American expat living in Bali and want to help this rocked nation. Pretty hard to rebuild a country without being hydrated.

The mission is to raise $1,000 for the purchase of 20 MVP water filters. Being located in Bali, a friend will check the filters for the flight overseas upon which Ill continue the journey from Bali to the Philippines on Christmas Eve. Ill be there for a week with intentions of not just dropping off filters, but also helping W4W with relief work.

Why do I want to help? Because I want to bring some hope to these Filipinos! Plus, clean water initiatives are cool.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Cebu - Philippines

Filter Goal
20 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+


Donated $500

Jessica Franquemont
Donated: $50

Jung A Yoon
Donated: $100

Norma Gray
Donated: $150

Monique Fletcher
Donated: $50

Donated $25

Emily Fields
Donated: $50

Donated $50

Hugh Larsen
Donated: $25

Abigail Larsen
Donated: $10