Clean water for Africa



Project Overview

We encourage our travelers to get out there, to leave the guidebooks behind and to connect with the soul of Africa. But the soul of Africa resides in its people and its nature. For us to experience this connection with Africa for centuries to come, we have to travel lightly. We can’t just extract. We have to put back.

Africa is a water scarce continent and the effects of human induced global warming is making our continent hotter and drier by the year. While we’re learning how to live water-gentle lives and teaching our travelers the same principles, there are millions of Africans still without access to clean drinking water. This is why we support the work of Waves for Water.

We can’t just extract. We have to put back.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa

Filter Goal
0 of 10,000

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,000,000+