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Project Overview

We are a nonprofit organization started by some kids who want to make a difference. (Hi, I’m Leah and I’m 11 years old, & I’m Angelina - I am 8 years old!) We are focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of people like you, we aim to uplift communities in need by providing them with some of life’s basic needs - love, food, water, shelter and education. Last December we went to a rural Zulu village in South Africa, that has no electricity or running water. While we were there, an 18 month baby girl names Ntombi went into a five day coma and almost died because she drank contaminated water. The only water available to this community comes from a small, dirty stream filled with trash, feces & bacteria. We had the water tested in a lab and the biologist said that this water was definitely not meant for human consumption. We have since raised money to install a rainwater harvesting system with a filter in a families home and at the local school. We would love to supply all the children at this school with a water filter that they can take home with them, so they can also have the life saving gift of clean water. We are planning a trip to South Africa and would love to bring as many of these water filters with us as possible. South Africa is in the midst of a huge water crisis. Let’s all do something to make a difference. You can help by purchasing a water filter and sharing this project with your friends. Thank you.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Maphumulo , Kwa Zulu Natal - South Africa

Filter Goal
5 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


Angela Schrack
Donated: $250