Help in a Mayan school in Guatemala



Project Overview

I will work this summer in a school in Poptún, a little village in Guatemala.

This school is special because it gives class to the children of Mayan community. They learn how to get a good job, but there is also courses on traditional Mayan subject, to keep that beautiful culture alive.

They go to class during two weeks and they go back to their village in the mountain to help their families for two weeks. So the village and the school both need fresh water. They already own two filters but they are getting old and this is why i would like to bring two or three more.

As a student travelling alone, i really need your help !

Thanks for reading 🤙

Statistics & Progress

Destination Poptún, Petén - Guatemala

Filter Goal
3 of 3

Potential Access to Clean Water 300+


Megan Kuehner
Donated: $25

Lucy Fox
Donated: $105