Hurricane Maria Relief


Dorado , PR

Project Overview

Seeing the devastation after Maria is incredibly saddening.

Water situations in some towns in Puerto Rico are dire- families relying on one case of water for an uncertain amount of time. We have made contact with several extended family members who have absolutely no water or electricity, many are elderly or have tiny children.

No large organization has water filtration systems on the island right now.

Coordinating efforts with my friend, husband, and Church we will get these water filters to those who need them. I will send the filters to my home and my community on island will distribute them.

Please help. The situation is urgent and these will be put to use in the most tangible and helpful way.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Lares , Toa Baja, Levittown, Vega Alta, San Juan , PR

Filter Goal
31 of 100

Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+