Hurricane Maria Relief in Puerto Rico



Project Overview

I live and work in the town of Fajardo, on the northeast coast. Seeing the amount of destruction and experiencing first hand the difficulty in reaching more isolated locations made me realize this situation is much more serious than the media is letting on to. Imagine, as a citizen of a developed nation -YOU - having to collect and drink rain water gathered from your roof and dirty gutters, or drinking from the muddy stream in your back yard, or straight out of the once clean tap which now has green chunks and a funny smell... You can't boil the water because your stove is electric and your generator doesn't run on thoughts and prayers, it runs on gasoline which is no longer available down the street. THESE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS JUST LIKE YOU

Please help me gather up as many filters as possible to be given away 1 each per household, primarily around Puerto Rico's east coast and mountain areas.

I will be heading back around the first on November, so please don't hesitate - donate today!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Fajardo, Ceiba and surrounding area, Puerto Rico - USA

Filter Goal
9 of 100

Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+


Michiel Reinecke
Donated: $400

Cathrin Wisgickl
Donated: $50