Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico, bringing potable water to inaccessible communities



Project Overview

Our goal is to gather 100 water filters and deliver them to people in need in Puerto Rico.

As many people have been watching along post Hurricane Maria, it has been tough for all of us. The island is devastated and the majority of the island is without electricity, communication and clean drinking water. My father is from Coamo and my mother is from Jayuya, and these are distant and tough places to get to from San Juan after the disaster. The aid to these areas has been very slim, so this is something that I am taking into my own hands. For those who know me, I wear Puerto Rico on my heart 24/7, visiting every year throughout my life.

I was lucky enough to be down on the island in between Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, and I left luckily the day before Hurricane Maria hit. I was able to capture the true beauty of our island, Puerto Rico, and together we can help lift the island up to what is was before. It was tough to look back from the plane and watch as I knew what I was leaving behind, and I wouldn't know what I would find when I returned.

We must work together in order to make sure that the people on the island are able to live a life where they have access to the most basic necessity of human life, potable water. We can do our part and donate to Waves for Water filters in order to give these communities the opportunity and the human right to have clean water. Remember, one filter can filter approximately one million gallons of water and have a potential impact on 100 people. I will be going to Puerto Rico to donate, distribute, and demonstrate how to use these life saving filters in the coming months and the more that I can deliver, the better.

I ask that whoever comes across this page, please share the link to my page with everyone you know.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Coamo and Jayuya - Puerto Rico

Filter Goal
70 of 70

Potential Access to Clean Water 7,000+


Donated: $1,000

Danielle Krachie
Donated: $25

Daniel Beecher
Donated: $25

Hairdoo, Inc.
Donated: $250

Melany Rivera
Donated: $25

John Kelly
Donated: $100

Melissa Just
Donated: $25

Denise Zachmann
Donated: $100

Estaer Nguyen
Donated: $25