Project Nicaragua // Remembering Anton Hawkins Mission


Montauk , NEW YORK USA

Project Overview

Last winter I spent a few months surfing Nicaragua. I met some incredible people, and also witnessed the incredible poverty of the country. I wanted to help. I met a passionate and bright friend, Anton Hawkins, on a remote break in Nica. He was working with Waves for Water on a self-funded mission and providing the most impoverished families in the area with water filtration systems. Anton was in a fatal car crash this summer in London, and in his name I would like to continue to provide Nicaraguans with clean water. Please donate and help me bring clean water to Nicaragua this winter. I am trying to fund 10 filters at $50 each with the goal of $500 total.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Nicaragua-remote villages - Nicaragua

Filter Goal
10 of 10

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,000+


Connie Cortese
Donated: $50

Jonathan Santos
Donated: $50

David F Schleifer
Donated: $50

Donated $50

Beth A Travers
Donated: $100

Mary Totaro
Donated: $10

Mary Catheirne Fenton
Donated: $25

Tiffany C Mcqueen
Donated: $100

Dalton Portella
Donated: $50

Courtney A Blowers
Donated: $50