Puerto Rico 2017


Encinitas , CA US

Project Overview

As we all know our beautiful territory of Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. The impact is felt far deeper than any of us realize. The people of this beautiful island we get to call a region of the U.S are currently suffering in a way most of us can not relate to. One of the toughest challenges they are facing is accessing clean water. Not only is clean water mandatory for drinking, but also for hospitals treating people who have suffered injuries from this catastrophic storm. Waves for Water has the most efficient solution for this terrible situation; a small portable and very effective water filter that can provide clean water for up to 100 people per filter. I am going to Puerto Rico to donate, distribute, and demonstrate how to use these life saving filters. With donations from you this will become a reality effective immediately helping and even saving lives.

Statistics & Progress

Destination San Juan , Puerto Rico - United States

Filter Goal
19 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


Temple Emanuel
Donated: $68

Scott May
Donated: $250

Ashley Costello
Donated: $50

Sb Cohen
Donated: $100

Carol Ann Richards
Donated: $100

Kelly Meagan
Donated: $50

Myrna Rivera
Donated: $250

Joy Bryant
Donated: $100