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Need filters of all types, I received and distriubuited a few from dylan Graves but there are areas that have running water and need to make more volume of water to distribute...

i live near airport in afuadilla can send via fedex to 132 belt road, aguadilla PR 00604. put for desk pick up at fed ex.

need the higher volume and bucket filters...

we are arranging to recieve and distribute relief supplies to the town in the west that are isolated to date.in florida until tues am gathering suplies and tools to go back....

please respond if can send or if have in PR west , need more... the whole island is asking for water and filters

we have established a go fund me site and is getting funds to pay for all this... if need be , i cna pay for these up front, but will need more and donations will be best.

thanks for what you do. god bless

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Destination isabela/aguadilla, aguada, moca, san sebastian, Puerto Rico.USA - Puerto Rico

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Potential Access to Clean Water 900+


Rachel Harley
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