Dover , NJ US

Project Overview

I plan to reach the west side of the island where there are 60K people just in the town of Aguadilla who are barely getting by, there is not enough supplies, and many are drinking rain water or standing in long lines all day because there isn't enough water being distributed daily to reach all of the communities. I will be traveling on October 13 making the trip from NY to San Juan and then to Aguadilla, with the help of my fiance and a close friend of ours (both PuertoRican Natives); we will be making the water filter systems and teaching the locals on how to use them. Each filter system can make up to 500 gal of clean water per day, which is amazingly awesome. My objective is to deliver as many water filters as I possibly can bring with me on this trip and hope that more can get to them when people donate filter systems through this effort. I thank you in advance for your great hearts in helping our brothers and sisters in need. Gloria Huapaya

Statistics & Progress

Destination aguadilla, puerto rico - us

Filter Goal
9 of 100

Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+


Elizabeth Thomson
Donated: $200

The Lopez Family
Donated: $100

Julianne Rhodes
Donated: $50

Christal Blue
Donated: $50

Corina Marks
Donated: $50