S2M (skip 2 meals) for H20


Evergreen , CO USA

Project Overview

Everyone needs water !! If one skips having two $8 meals, have AT LEAST 24 people donate , we could supply 4 filter systems to Puerto Rico. Each filter system can make up to 500 gallons of clean SAFE water each day. The population of Aguadilla has more than 60,000 civilians, and to think if only 24 people can make such a tremendous impact, what if we could even get 200 people!? This has been underwhelimingly supported which is the real issue because everyone needs (safe) water.

I'd like to deliver as many water filters as WE can possibly can bring. Thank you!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Aguadilla - Puerto Rico

Filter Goal
0 of 4

Potential Access to Clean Water 400+