Project Overview

The two recent earthquakes in Mexico have caused tremendous devastation and untold deaths in different parts of the country, mainly in the states of Oaxaca, Morelos, Puebla and Mexico City. There are many urgent needs of all sorts but one that is of great importance is the lack of access to potable water. As I visit the most affected regions the problem is widespread. In Iztapalapa, a major municipality within Mexico City, there are over 200 colonias or boroughs without access to clean water. And yet, as bad as this seems, the problems are worst in rural areas like the town of Juchitan a poor area in Oaxaca, that was practically destroyed.

Our Foundation HOOR and its allies, such as CIPAN (Winner of the National Civil Protection award) have worked for years in the poorest and most remote areas of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Puebla, through a unique communications program called ENLACE (Connection) that uses CB radios in hundreds of communities to warn local people of upcoming disasters. Thousands of lives have been saved.

We want to propose a new program focusing on supplying clean water to these affected areas through your filters. This is an urgent matter, and I am aware that currently you do not have a project for Mexico, even though you provided filters for the Baja California Sur Odille hurricane. We happened to be there at the time and were very impressed with your filters and, of course, your generosity.

Please consider us to be a conduit for the creation of such a project and let us know what steps need to be taken. We have willing donors in the US ready to help.


Pedro Da Costa International Director for Fundacion HOOR, A.C.

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Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+