Serve San Pedro- Dominican Republic


Dallas , TEXAS US

Project Overview

As some of you know, I volunteered in the Dominican Republic last June with my BFF Cindy with a mission called, Serve San Pedro. Cindy and I have decided to return this year.

In the barrios of San Pedro, Dominican Republic, are a people who have been oppressed, voiceless, and marginalized by poverty. Children run through open gutters that carry refuse to the city dumps. Yet the sound of their laughter can be heard echoing from the makeshift baseball fields scratched into the dirt. Kids chase homemade baseballs and use broken broomsticks handles for bats. Though they lack modern conveniences, they do not lack joy.

As soon as I made the decision to go back, I knew I wanted to make an impact in some small way. Last year, it was an emotional impact, this year I want something tangible. With the help of a great organization, Waves 4 Water, I am going to bring one of the most basic necessities, access to clean water. W4W provides water filters, and we deliver them to the communities that need them most. Each filter can supply a hundred people for up to five years. Pretty amazing!

Statistics & Progress

Destination San Pedro - Domincan Republic

Filter Goal
20 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+


The Huddleston Family
Donated: $100

Richard Greenberg
Donated: $50

Ashlie Dickey
Donated: $50

Stanley Katz
Donated: $50

Cathy Hodges
Donated: $200

Fred Weiss
Donated: $100

Marcie Vargas
Donated: $50

Nico De Swert
Donated: $50

Cate Buchanan
Donated: $100

Christopher Morris
Donated: $50