Sumba Trip 2017


Clovelly , NSW AU

Project Overview

A group of us are heading on a surf trip to Sumba, Indonesia and would like to give back in a small way.

The plan is to purchase and raise additional funds to purchase more filters to give to villages in need of clean drinking water.

$50 will buy a filter to supply enough daily drinking water for 100 people up to 1 million gallons.

Please help make a difference!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Sumba - Indonesia

Filter Goal
37 of 37

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,700+


Alexandra Morrison
Donated: $150

Eli Wismer
Donated: $50

Mark Redmond
Donated: $250

John Jacobson
Donated: $200

Alasdair Morrison
Donated: $500

Mr Damien M Dunn
Donated: $50

Vicki Morrison
Donated: $300

Calum Morrison
Donated: $150

Hadi Khairuddin
Donated: $100

Hamish Morrison
Donated: $100