The Crawford Family goes to El Salvador



Project Overview

As some of you remember, last year we traveled to Siargao in The Philippines for a surf trip and we raised money to bring water filters to a community without access to clean water.

This Spring Break we are going to El Salvador. In partnership with Surf El Salvador we are fundraising to bring filters to people and schools in an area where clean water is not a given. The water filters we will provide eliminate waterborne diseases, cysts and parasites which sometimes keep kids out of school and from growing up healthy and strong. El Salvador has a blossoming surf culture and it is a great trip. Signing up to be a clean water courier is a way to do more than travel for a wave but to actively participate in a culture of wonderful people. Please consider contributing to this goal of 30 filters. I will cover all costs of buckets and on the ground logistics.

this is a little look at last year's implementation day in Siargao

Statistics & Progress

Destination El Zonte,, La Libertad - El Salvador

Filter Goal
30 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


John Smelzer
Donated: $100

Christine Batista
Donated: $25

Brian Oliver
Donated: $100

Samantha Lemole
Donated: $100

The Labrie Family
Donated: $100

Katherine Terrell
Donated: $50

Steve Smooke
Donated: $100

Amy Elkins
Donated: $100

Bettina Sherick
Donated: $25

Julie Fontaine
Donated: $100