Well Wishes for Colombia


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Project Overview

The Well Wishes Club was established after the Ramirez Family visited a small village in the La Mesa de Los Santos in Santander, Colombia. We met the children there that sing songs to educate others about their every day lives. One song that touched our hearts was about the drought in the area and lack of access to clean water. From there, our kids immediately wanted to do more to help bring clean water to this village. The idea blossomed into wanting to do more not only for Colombia but for the world around us. The name "Well Wishes" is symbolic of the idea of giving our kids the tools to raise money to bring clean water to people that need it but also to send "well wishes" to those that need it every day. It is our hope that the more we help kids understand the that they can make a difference, it will cause a movement of young philanthropists changing the world.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Bucaramanga, Santander - Colombia

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Potential Access to Clean Water 500+


Rebecca Marsden
Donated: $25

M R Design
Donated: $10

Katie Ramirez
Donated: $5