Couriers are everyday people, travelers like you inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way, distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

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Keep The Water Flowing! 30 Filters…

Pucallpa, Iquitos, Chanchamayo, Tamshiyacu, Amazonas - Peru

Growing up in 3rd world countries and my career as a flight attendant has taken me to more than…

100% Funded
Filter Goal30 Impact3,000

Clean Water For Schools In Guatemala

Zacapa - Guatemala

01/05/2014 Lots of love to those of you that donated for the water filters to be sent to Guatemala. Part…

100% Funded
Filter Goal36 Impact3,600

Puerto Rico 2013 // Clean Water Project

Rincon, Puntas - Puerto Rico

A Little Helping X Dicks Cottons Sunglasses We have operated our 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization for over…

100% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500

Haiti - Glad Tidings Church 2014

Marbial - Haiti

Bringing resources, clean water and showing love to the people of Haiti.

100% Funded
Filter Goal30 Impact3,000

Anton Hawkins - A Life Lived To…


In January 2013, Anton managed to get several water filters over to one of his favorite surf spots in…

100% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Provide Clean Water Worldwide!

Kuta, Bali - Indonesia

I have been blessed with the opportunities to travel to different countries worldwide to surf. I recently saw waves…

100% Funded
Filter Goal12 Impact1,200

Benin West Africa


Multiple locations in need of clean water filters due to outbreak. Several children reported dead and“ we are…

100% Funded
Filter Goal4 Impact400

Just Add Water

to be decided...

Hi, my name is Brandon and I love to surf. I am going to Nicaragua in August 2013 with…

100% Funded
Filter Goal6 Impact600


Nancimi & Limon, Rivas - Nicaragua

In the two years we have lived here in Nicaragua we have made many friends whose water source comes…

100% Funded
Filter Goal21 Impact2,100

LIVING RASA.....Bringing The Elixir Of Life To…


INDIA....  the birthplace of  AYURVEDA..... the art of being. For the past 25 years I have been assisting Nature, to heal and purify bodies…

100% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Harbor Christian Church Of Newport Beach California…

El Salvador

Harbor Christian Church of Newport Beach has a strong and growing outreach team that wants to provide the less…

100% Funded
Filter Goal17 Impact1,700

Trip Prep

Somewhere in the World

Just want to have a filter on hand for when we do go on our next trip.

100% Funded
Filter Goal1 Impact100

Water! Water! Everywhere, But, Never A Drop…

Western US - USA

There are areas all over the US that have virtually undrinkable water. We have been to some of these…

100% Funded
Filter Goal1 Impact100

From Memphis To Kenya


My friend Carol Chumney is going to Kenya with her church group. I am buying two Renagade Filters…

100% Funded
Filter Goal22 Impact2,200

Water For Laos

Vientiane, South East Asia - Laos

Clean water for villages in Laos

100% Funded
Filter Goal4 Impact400