Couriers are everyday people, travelers like you inspired by the Waves For Water Mission.
They do what they love and help along the way, distributing filters to those in need around the globe.

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Florida Tech Does Week For Water

Multiple Countries Across the Globe

Multiple organizations at the university of Florida Institute of Technology are working together to raise $1000 to purchase 20…

99% Funded
Filter Goal24 Impact2,400

Relief For Fiji After Cyclone Winston

Nadi, Viti Levu - Fiji

A very recent cyclone, that developed in the Pacific Ocean, moved in on Fiji as a Category 5 Tropical…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Living Water

Lhasa, Tibet - China

Water is essential for living.

0% Funded
Filter Goal12 Impact1,200

Sole Surfers, The Brevard County Surf Community…

Popoyo, Tola - Nicaragua

With the help of the Cocoa Beach Crew, the Brevard County Surfer Community, friends and family, we will be…

100% Funded
Filter Goal6 Impact600

W4W - South African Initiative 2016 -…

Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal - South Africa

In December 2016, whilst on my 236km journey from Durban to Hluhluwe–iMfolozi National Park, South Africa I will be…

0% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500

Help For Flint

Flint, Michigan - United states

Flint resides within our own homeland, and seeing the LARGE benefit the familys could gain from having these tools.

5% Funded
Filter Goal30 Impact3,000


Islands of Kiribati (Christmas Islands)

I am currently an employee for EPCOR Water Canada. I help to provides water and wastewater services to more…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

2016 Water Warriors For A Potable Peru

Ollantaytambo/Sacred Valley, Cuzco - Peru

I have been travelling to Peru regularly for the last six years; it feels like a second home to…

45% Funded
Filter Goal50 Impact5,000

Global Sailing Expedition On A Large Catamaran…

Somewhere in the World

I'm putting together a mission to circumnavigate the world . . . I'd like to work with you guys…

0% Funded
Filter Goal100 Impact10,000

Bringing Filtration To The Hill Tribes Of…

Karen Village (Mae Yao), Mueang Chiang Rai District - Thailand

I will be traveling to Thailand for a short trip (2 weeks) to visit friends and do some sightseeing,…

0% Funded
Filter Goal6 Impact600

Nias/Hinako/Telo Islands

Telo/Nias - Indonesia

We are back out in April to distribute throughout Nias/Hinako/Telo Islands.

10% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Fiji Villages

Momi, Viti Levu - Fiji

In the town of Momi, on the main island of Viti Levu, there are eight families subsisting on one…

0% Funded
Filter Goal10 Impact1,000

Morocco To Senegal

Taghazout, Agadir - Morroco

We will drive from Morocco to Senegal

0% Funded
Filter Goal50 Impact5,000

A Little Help Goes A Long Way…

Southeast Asia

To give something back and help wherever I can along my travels.

0% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500

India 2016

New Delhi, Delhi - India

As some of you may know i'm off to India in a month. I've been looking to do something…

0% Funded
Filter Goal5 Impact500
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