Meet The Clean Water Corps

Rob McQueen

After graduating from the University of Idaho, Rob's military career began as a Light Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon Leader and then a Company Executive Officer with the 101st ABN(Airborne). Following his time at the 101st, Rob commanded two special operations teams that focused on CT(Counter Terrorism) and CVE(Countering Violent Extremism) operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans. Rob has served worldwide in support of both named and contingency operations.

In addition to working with the UN, EU, NATO, USAID and multiple NGO's on disaster response and stability operations, Rob has been published on the importance of disaster response in international diplomacy. Rob has also served as a subject matter expert and panelist on Countering Violent Extremism and Combating the Growing Foreign Fighter Phenomenon for the National Counter Terrorism Center.

Erin Moffitt

Erin most recently served as a Civil-Military Engagement (CME) liaison to Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT). Prior to SOCCENT Erin worked at US Embassy Am- man where she served as the Civil-Military Liaison for Special Operations Command Forward-Jordan (SF-J). While in Jordan Erin helped to spearhead an interagency approach for identifying pathways to radicalization and drivers that increase propensity to violent extremism.

Before assessing into the Civil Affairs Regiment Erin served as a Logistics Officer. Her formal education includes a Bachelors of Arts in Humanities and Augustinian Studies from Villanova University.

Seth Enlow

Seth graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in European History. Seth commissioned as an Infantry Officer and following completion of Airborne and Ranger School he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. From October 2007 to November 2008 Seth served as a Rifle Platoon Leader, conducting Counter-Insurgency Operations in Salah ad Din province, Iraq. Seth returned to Iraq as an Infantry Company Commander conducting Full Spectrum and Stability Operations in May 2010. After separating form the Army in 2011 Seth graduated from the Ohio State University Moritz College of law in 2016 with his Juris Doctor. He currently works as a prosecutor in Ohio.

Louis Reinhardt

Entering military service in 1992 Louis deployed multiple times to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq before leaving active duty in 2006. Over the next six and a half years Louis would deploy to Afghanistan twenty times as a civilian working for the U.S. Government. Two decades of travel in and around combat zones across the globe have made Louis particularly adept at force protection, resource acquisition and management, and cultural nuance. These experiences have also led Louis to focus on ways to impact each place he visits in a positive way.

Donovan “Shane” Johnson

Shane enlisted in the Army at the age of 17 in 2003. He began his career as both a Combat and later Flight Medic with the 82nd Airborne Division. Following his time in the 82nd, Shane was assessed and selected to serve as a Civil Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer and later a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. During his time in Civil Affairs he worked with multiple Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Inter Governmental Organizations (IGOs) to combat violent extremism and bring stability to various countries around the world. Most recently, Shane worked hand in hand with the Syrian Transition and Assistance Response Team to coordinate for and support delivery of humanitarian assistance to civilians inside Syria. Shane graduated from Western Carolina University in 2013 with a BS in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Janiece Marquez

Janiece joined the United States Army in 2005, a career which is highlighted by two distinguished deployments to Afghanistan. First, a grueling 15-month tour in eastern Afghanistan in 2008-2009. Second, serving in Kunar province, with 3rd and 5th Special Forces Groups as a Cultural Support Team member conducting Village Stability Operations from 2011-2012.

After leaving the Army in 2012, Janiece founded Stable Outcomes, a stability operations startup operating in dynamic and complex environments. With Janiece as the CEO, Stable Outcomes consulted with South American security forces on military and police stability operations and aided in conducting counter-Ebola measures in remote areas of Liberia. Janiece personally worked in Ebola hot-zones delivering clean water to Liberia’s most-affected villages and teaching villagers how to prevent the contraction and spread of Ebola.

Chris Simmonsen

Chris enlisted in the Army in 2007. Following initial entry training Chris deployed in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as part of a Light Infantry Platoon with 2nd Battalion 30th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. Upon separation from the military in 2012, Chris graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in History and American Studies.

Justin Allwardt

After enlisting in the United States Army, Justin volunteered for and was selected to Special Forces training. After graduating from the Special Forces Qualification Course Justin spent his career as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant. During his time as a Green Beret Justin had the opportunity to work in 19 different countries, four for extended periods of time. Since his separation from the military Justin has continued to serve the Special Forces Regiment as an Advisor/Mentor in multiple training initiatives. Living and Working around the world has taught Justin the importance of cross cultural communication in working to solve complex problems globally.

Nathan Nekvasil

Originally from southwest Michigan, Nathan graduated in 2005 from Clearwater Christian College with a degree in English and History. After nearly a year and a half, Nathan found his calling teaching missionary children in Togo and 5th and 6th grade in northern Wisconsin. In 2009, Nathan enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces candidate. Following completion of the Special Forces Qualification Course in 2011 Nathan spent five years as a communications sergeant on a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFODA), deploying three times to Afghanistan. During his time in the Army Nathan earned a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management from Norwich University. Currently, Nathan is a Masters of Business Administration candidate at the University of Notre Dame.