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Hello, friends of Open Door Hypnosis,

Over 250,000 of our brothers and sisters and animal family in the Carribean have been impacted by Hurricanes this year. The devastation is immense. In efforts to do our part, Open Door Hypnosis pledges to raise $1000 for the Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative through Waves For Water.

Waves For Water brings portable clean water filtration systems to poverty-stricken regions and areas impacted by natural disasters. These filtration systems help to contain the spread of waterborne diseases and fatal dehydration. For every $50 donated, we can buy 1 MVP or 1 Renegade Filter, which provides clean water for 100 people. That means our $1,000 campaign can improve the lives of 2,000 of our brothers and sisters.

Contributors who donate $75 or more will receive a one-hour phone or Skype coaching session with Open Door Hypnosis' Vitality Coach and Hypnotherapist, Shara Prophet, C. Ht. When you make your donation, simply forward your receipt, which is your confirmation email, to You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your session.

**100% of the proceeds go straight to Waves For Water.

Below is the Waves For Water plan to launch the Initiative response which will happen in three phases:

1. The first phase is designed to mitigate the immediate suffering of the most impacted families, by implementing portable water filtration systems in communities (both to shelters and residences still left standing) living at or below the poverty line. These are communities that already needed our program prior to any disaster, making them the least equipped to handle a catastrophe, such as Irma and Maria. We have seen this scenario many times in Haiti, most recently with Hurricane Matthew last year, and it is the little underserved “forgotten” communities that really feel the worst of what these events have to offer.

2. After we have addressed the immediate need for clean water, phase two will serve to address breakdowns in water infrastructure through the creation of large and centrally-located water depots. These are big systems that can serve entire communities, rather than just one household.

3. The third phase will analyze data that has been compiled throughout the first two phases, allowing us to design and implement long-term mechanisms to change the way water is accessed for years to come – such as rainwater harvesting systems, borehole wells, and/or desalinization systems.

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of many and donate today. If you have any questions about the fundraiser please send all inquiries to

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Caribbean Hurricane Relief Initiative

After launching our initial response to Hurricane Irma, we were cautiously standing by, watching Hurricane Maria’s rapid increase in power, elevating it from a Category 1 hurricane to a Category… More

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