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No Safe Drinking Water urgent help needed. To my Face Book Friends There is no, zero safe drinking water for all of the 420 families of Tabuaeran Island (Fanning Island), and to a slightly lesser degree the 212 families of Washington Island (Teraina Island) due to drought conditions brought on by the increasing La Nina season, that will last at least a couple of years or more. Children are getting dysentery. The Island Nurse, Nei Miriam says if the present condition continues (and it will because of La nina) there will be outbreaks of dysentery as the drought progresses.
This has not been much of an issue because for the last few years small rain catchment tanks have been brought in to Fanning to provide safe drinking water. Now all water tanks are empty and rain showers are at best once every couple of months and then not enough to fill the tanks.
This was good with the past El nino bringing abundant rain for the last couple of years. However El nino has ended and now La nina has started with drought that will last for several years or more. All drinking water is collected from brackish ground water and boiled. The challenge is all water that touches cups and eating utensils and if is not boiled for a full roiling three minutes dysentery nasties will survive to give dysentery to the at risk little kids and others. There is a Non-Profit organization, Surf aid or water for life I can’t remember the name and would find it if internet was fast enough for Google but it is not. This nonprofit group is mainly surfers and there are posted projects to attract quick and urgent funding for urgent needs as this. I am looking for an FB friend(s) or referred to a friend whom will help me set up a page on this site to raise funds to bring in 450 water filters for Fanning for the first project and a second parallel project for the 212 families of Washington Island.
I will provide content, interviews with the Fanning and Washington’s medical officers plus low res pictures by FB and email and HD by mail on next week’s plane. You may add your name or group with mine and we will get this done quickly. You are welcomed to spend a couple weeks with me and the local medical officials distributing these water filters to both islands. If you’re a surfer, both islands have rocking surf and will be firing this winter. I have the logistics worked out for both air or sea transport. As I recall these were approximately five gallon buckets with lids and a safe drinking water filter. Please contact me publicly here on FB or via my email or .

Thank you for your help and time, Chuck Corbett and Cameron Petersen

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