Julia Diehl⚡️helps with selling custom towels and handmade shell rings

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I am Julia and I live in Hossegor France. I am a passionate surfer and the owner of the brand Julia Diehl. I design swimwear and accessories and my passion is to use sustainable fabrics like vintage Jeans, Leather, Cotton and Lycra for my Rock’n’Roll couture designs. All is hand made here in my studio in France. As a mum I feel so privileged to be able to give my kids good quality drinking water! So when i saw what waves for water does i was really stoked about the idea to be a little part of it! I design custom beach towels and rings made of a little Shell and i donate 5€ for each towel and ring that i sell to the waves for water general fund. You can email me for special quotes you like on your towel ! www.juliadiehl.com Love, Rock’n’Roll and clean water for all ! Cheers Julia

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Waves For Water General Fund

Waves for Water General Fund. Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through our various ongoing Waves for Water PROGRAMS.  More

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