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The girls of Peruvian Hearts families live in great poverty without access to clean drinking water.

Some families do have running water but the water is proven to be very harmful while others collect their water via rain water catchments.

Peruvian Hearts will be helping by selecting the families and providing transportation to some of the distant homes so we can simply provide them with access to clean drinking water daily by delivering them these filters.

During our travels we will also be linking up with a local expedition company to bring a few filters to remote villages that they support who are in desperate need of clean water.

Live More Happy is a community/brand that was started in memory of our friend Lindsay Hawley. Each project we have done and will do is a direct result of the effect she had on us.

All Donations go directly to:

Waves For Water General Fund

Waves for Water General Fund. Money donated to this fund goes to provide clean water solutions worldwide through our various ongoing Waves for Water PROGRAMS.  More

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