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We were inspired by Ulu Boy. He is a great person to surf with and represent the Hawaiian people. Most of us in Hawaii live on catchment water but if ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$10,000

December- Candy Cane Candy Gram Sale for Clean Water ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$750

My dad spent a month in the village of Watukere Indonesia in the early 90's and has told me a lot of story's about the people and of course the famous...

68% Funded
Funds Raised$475 Funding Goal$700

Donating money to Waves For Water gives the families in Nicaragua healthier and happier lives. A couple of dollars will give the families not only fil...

40% Funded
Funds Raised$120 Funding Goal$300

We have been trying to help get clean water to people who don't have it. Clean water is a luxury and we want all people to have this wonderful experie...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$1,000

Nathalie, our kind and amazing Zumba Instructor has offered to help me raise money by giving free Zumba classes for the 1st week in January 2015, star...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$125 Funding Goal$0

Clean Water for Himalaya ...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$2,000

My goal is to give clean water to those villages who suffer sicknesses like diarrhea and other such water borne diseases due to a dirty supply of wate...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$1,600 Funding Goal$0

Together we can all donate to get the Mentawai islanders clean and drinkable water, every donation will change a life. YOU OBVIOUSLY WOULD NOT WANT TO...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$50 Funding Goal$1,000

It is our goal to raise $5,000 in support of those in need in Indonesia, specifically for residents on Sumba Island. Our efforts will support the Sumb...

1% Funded
Funds Raised$25 Funding Goal$5,000

Thousand Oaks, California: Home of California Lutheran University and a bunch of surfer students on a mission to travel to go to the lavish vacation d...

0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$150

To raise funds in South Australia to help the W4W Projects ...

8% Funded
Funds Raised$80 Funding Goal$1,000

SURFED TO SCHOOL yet? Just after his 9th birthday Winter noticed that some of his favorite pro surfers had gotten involved with World Water Day. Seei...

24% Funded
Funds Raised$8,346 Funding Goal$35,000

As you have heard or read about the earthquake in Haiti, Leogane was 90% destroyed by the earthquake on the 12th of January 2010. After 5 years, the ...

5% Funded
Funds Raised$1,480 Funding Goal$30,000


0% Funded
Funds Raised$0 Funding Goal$5