Kandui Villas // Mentawai Islands

Project Overview

W4W, in conjunction with Zachary Keenan and Kandui Villas, are currently implementing multiple clean water projects in the surrounding northern Mentawai Islands, specifically Siberut Island, with numerous villages in need. These clean water projects are yet another service to continue Kandui Villas’ efforts supporting the local Mentawai people, and to directly give back to the local villagers in improving their quality of life through this opportunity to provide them access to clean drinking water.

With Zach’s first international trip bringing him to Indonesia, competing in the World Grommet Titles in Bali in 1993, he was so inspired by the magical energy he experienced on that trip that it completely changed the course of his life, and he eventually came to make Indonesia the place that he would call home. His strong desire to support his community and express his gratitude for the incredible life that he has been blessed with has led him to Waves For Water. As the Operations Director for Kandui Villas, a luxury surf resort in the Mentawai Islands, he wants to continue their efforts of giving back and helping the local villagers on the neighboring islands there, maintaining the community support efforts that have been a cornerstone of the Kandui Villas philosophy from the beginning. It is his belief that supporting those around you provides a better quality of life for everyone, thereby raising the collective vibration of the community as a whole.

One of the most beneficial contributions he can make is to secure the availability of clean drinking water to the local inhabitants, which is now a very attainable goal thanks to the work being done by our team at Waves For Water. With access to our water filtration systems, W4W and Zach can travel with the Kandui Villas crew into the local villages and educate the local communities on how to provide themselves with clean drinking water, empowering them to implement this process for the benefit of their entire community, and enabling them to live healthier, happier lives.

“To see this region of Indonesia healthy and thriving with access to clean water would be such a rewarding gift to be able to provide, and I am inspired to be an agent of change in this aspect of support for this community.” – Zachary Keenan

Maintaining Kandui Villas’ tradition of giving back in support of the local Mentawai people, Zach's desire to continue improving the quality of life for the families and communities of the local staff at Kandui Villas has provided the inspiration to initiate these filter implementation projects in the surrounding villages, which will extend the reach of these humanitarian efforts to provide healthier lives to all of the members of these local communities.

Through the connections with the local Kandui Villas crew, Zach has received the endorsement of the Sikerei, the traditional Mentawai Shaman, along with the village elders and other respected members within each community, securing the support from the leaders in each neighborhood for implementation of these clean water efforts, which serve to improve the public’s overall health and well-being. Respectfully acknowledging the unique cultural aspects and customs found in each community, their insights will be instrumental in the education of the locals, as their wisdom will support these efforts by incorporating the best methods to implement each project, inspiring the locals to embrace these water filter implementation projects with a spirit of blessing and gratitude.

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Statistics & Progress

Destination Mentawai Islands

Funds Raised
$6,282 of $10,000

Impact 10,000+