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Project Overview

Any kid, anywhere in the world, can host one.

It's all about having fun and helping along the way.

Just after his 9th birthday Winter noticed that some of his favorite pro surfers had gotten involved with World Water Day. Seeing photos of them doing what they love, surfing amazing waves, and helping along the way, ignited a spark. Inspired, Winter penned his thoughts down. From this brainstorming session came a speech and a concept- "Kids Can Make a Difference". Winter presented this speech to his school where he spoke directly to his peers about how simple it is to make a difference regardless of age. What started as a speech quickly snowballed. Winter then auctioned off a few surfboards and hosted a "boardies" mufti day at school. The support from the community was overwhelming.

Following the success of his fundraiser, Winter and his family embarked on a field trip to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, to deliver and implement the water filters that Winter's efforts had provided. The Mentawai islands are world famous for their surf, however they belong to a region severely lacking in access to clean water. 1 in 5 Indonesian kids under the age of five die from dirty drinking water. It made sense to focus his efforts here, combining his passion for surfing and travel with a clean water mission.

One $50.00 Waves for Water filter system can provide clean water for 100 people and can last for years to come. "It seemed like such an easy thing to do" says Winter... "$50 is all it takes for me to change a whole family, a whole village's life. I was keen to give it a go of raising some money."

This first trip to Indonesia was a life changing one. Winter worked side by side with a Waves for Water leader to teach the school children and villagers how to assemble and use the clean water filter systems. "It was the most amazing feeling to see that the money raised was actually changing these families' lives….We left knowing they would have clean drinking water now for up to 10 years."

Winter4Water from Winter Vincent on Vimeo.


SURF TO SCHOOL DAY is a 'surf' themed mufti day (think board shorts, sundresses, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, zinc, sunglasses, sunhats…) creating a beach & surf atmosphere with the Aloha spirit.

Each child brings a 'pocket money' or 'spare change' donation to participate. Every child, and their school, can make it as unique as they like - see photos and updates from schools below.


  1. Ask your principal (download letter to principal)
  2. Sign the agreement (download agreement) and send it back to me
  3. Promote the day (download poster)
  4. Photograph or video the day for this page and instagram #surftoschool
  5. Pass it on - Find a friend in another school

ALL DONATIONS WILL GO TO MENTAWAI ISLAND and INDONESIAN COMMUNITIES. This region is famous for it's amazing surf, but is very poor and severely lacking in access to clean water. 1 in 5 Indonesian kids under 5 die from drinking dirty water.

Contact Winter on for information or support.

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Maintaining and building relationships plays a crucial role in SURF TO SCHOOL's long-term commitment to the Mentawai Islands. Each Phase will receive ongoing support from the Phases that follow it. This means - further supply of filters, rain catchment solutions, follow-up visits in the field, updated field reports, and ongoing 'buddy' relationships between children who have been involved in fundraising and those impacted by the W4W implementation.

Phase 1. COMPLETED. Northern Mentawai Region - Oct 2014 - Partnering with Kandui Villas

50 filters

Impact: up to 5,000 people

Phase 2. COMPLETED. Central Mentawai Region – Feb/March 2015 – Partnering with A Liquid Future and The Perfect Wave

60 filters to Central Mentawai Region (Mapadegat and Pukayarat, Sipora)

10 filters to Phase 1

20 filters to Coast To Coast Initiative, Bali, for World Water Day implementation on behalf of Surf To School (Karangasem)

3 tanks - to village of Pukayarat

Impact: up to 9,000 people

Phase 3. COMPLETED. Northern Mentawai Region - May 2017 - Partnering with Kandui Villas

40 filters to Siberut island, Village of Tololago and Magilik

20 to Tololago village – including 1 kindergarten school, 1 elementary school and 1 medical clinic

20 to Magilik village

Phase 4. TBC

Nov 27 - 2018Surf to School Update

In September, 2018 Winter Vincent visited Park Dale Lane Elementary for his 3rd time. Amy White and Winter presented to the kids and raised over $1000 for the 4th annual Surf to School at PDL. The kids did water filter projects all week in science class and again showed the world that kids can make a difference.

Jun 11 - 2018Surf to School Update

Hale School – Perth.

I am so glad that we got the chance to meet Winter Vincent! To have him come out and surf at our local beach and share a few waves with us was so much fun. He is such a good little surfer and his technique is amazing. Hearing about the charity he has started up and how just $50 can buy a water filter that can actually save people’s lives is mind blowing. It is almost unbelievable to think someone has not only thought of this but put it all together and started it up just at 13 years old! Truly inspiring.

Giam Nation, Yr 11

It was so sick to meet Winter, he's such a good little surfer and to catch a few waves with him was all time. To hear about his water was incredible, and amazing to hear what impact the donations will make by the boys from hale will have. I hope to one day surf with him and see what he’s achieved by the time he reaches my age!

Fletcher Llanwarne Tr 12

It isn’t commonplace for a school to fly special visitors from Interstate to spend a few days with our students, but what a coup! Having Winter here, engaging with the entire Junior School and telling them his story and demonstrating the water filter systems was embraced by all. From Year 1s to Year 12s, his story resonated with all and you know when a group of boys are engaged, there’s not a hint of noise. For us to raise money for Waves for Water and to have an ongoing relationship with eth charity would be ideal. I think the Senior School teachers are already looking at a trip for students to promote the charities work, raise some funds and maybe get a sneaky surf in whilst they are at it. Thanks Winter for sharing your story.

Dave Reed Director of Community Engagement

Linkhorn School - Virginia Beach


On a sunny day in September, students at Linkhorn Park Elementary School got to wear board shorts (surf attire) to school, and got an important education on giving back and making a difference in the world- thanks to two North End boys.

Pearce and Caden Redford saw a video this summer about Winter Vincent, a 9- year-old Australian surfer who did a fundraiser event at his school in Australia to raise money for Waves For Water.This charity was started by professional surfer, Jon Rose, who saw third world communities in the surf spots he visited suffering because they did not have clean drinking water.The water filter only costs $50 and provides clean drinking water for 100 people for five years.Now 13, Winter has become a spokesman for Waves for Water and came here to do a similar event at Pearce and Caden’s school.

Linkhorn Park Elementary School was one of the first schools to host a fundraiser on the East Coast.Pearce and Caden’s summer lemonade stands and other fundraising efforts inspired other kids who love to surf to bring the fundraiser to their school.

Winter also spoke to Operation Smile, as the two organizations are partnering, and Operation Smile is going to take water filters to hospitals they visit in third- world countries in need of clean drinking water.

The event was a huge success.The Redfords organized a fantastic party and fundraiser for families on Sep. 19th at The Shack.They raised $13,000 at the event and an additional $2,000 at the Linkhorn Park Elementary School “Wear Your Surf Attire to School” fundraiser!

Pearce and Caden were so inspired by Winter and what he had done that they wanted to do something too. The experience was one they will never forget and Winter continues to inspire them every day. The community has now been inspired by Pearce and Caden and every day kids are continuing to make a difference.There is truly nothing more gratifying than helping others.We hope if your reading this- you will be a global leader too- get out there and do your part!

Surf The Mountain Fundraiser

We had an absolute blast! We started the excitement the week before by introducing Surf to School with the video on the Waves for Water website. Our sixth graders had already seen Winter’s video when Mountain Film came to present, so they were super pumped up!

On Friday, the students walked in the doors wearing their finest beach wear (which was pretty fun to see since we live in Colorado).

We collected their dollar donations and completed some extra fundraising by selling leis and colorful zinc sunscreen. The kids were so excited to be raising money for such a great cause.

Within half an hour we had raised $400 and the hallways were full of board shorts, zinc, and smiles ear to ear. We loved this experience and hope to keep this fundraiser going/ to have Surf to School become an annual tradition.

Mar 08 - 2018Surf To School Update

In September, 2017, Winter Vincent on holiday in Southern California with his family, returned to Park Dale Lane Elementary to host with Amy White the 3rd Annual Surf to School. Winter and Amy spoke to the school as a whole and classes individually. They discussed the importance of clean drinking water and what kids could do to “Make a Difference”. Their goal was to raise $1000 in a week by asking the children to bring in their spare change and fill up the buckets on the way into school. On Friday, they held the Surf to School day with almost 100% participation from the staff and students. Amy also contacted the local karate studio who agreed to host a “Parents Night Out” as long as Amy worked with the kids. They raised $1100 from the children’s change and another $978 from Karate Night and doubled their goal for the year!! Way to go Winter and Amy! PS- the kids were so excited to see Winter again and learn about how much Surf To School has helped so many children!! PDL Rocks!!

Old Donation School

At the Old Donation School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, faculty challenge students daily to apply lessons across disciplines toward addressing real global problems. The school is also housed in a state-of-the-art ecofriendly building, making sustainability central to the culture. So when two Old Donation students learned about Waves for Water at a friend’s lemonade fundraiser, it seemed an obvious fit for a student-led fundraising effort at their school. They proposed a Surf to School Day to their Principal, Dr. Kelly Hedrick, and she enthusiastically approved it.

The students watched videos about Waves for Water and learned facts about the world’s water crisis, all in preparation for Winter Vincent’s visit. Then Winter presented to students and fielded questions during two separate assemblies. Over the couple weeks that followed that visit, students were encouraged to raise money using the school’s Surf to School Fundraising internet page. They were also invited to purchase raffle tickets for great prizes that Hurley and businesses in the local community donated. Finally, the fun culminated with a very successful Surf to School Day and a Friday evening dance staffed by parent volunteers. Dr. Hedrick was so proud of the students’ efforts that she decided to donate the proceeds from dance ticket and concession sales to Waves for Water as well. All together, students and staff raised $5,126 (USD) and learned that even kids can change communities and save lives.

May 05 - 2017Mentawais // Trip 4

We did an implementation with 20 filters and the Tololago community under the keen eye of the village chief. He had allocated the filters fairly within the village and had chosen the families that would receive the filters in his adjacent village of Magilik. He would oversee the train-the-trainer process in Magilik later that day when the recipients had been gathered. It was ensured that filters were given to the schools and medical clinic, with the doctor present at the implementation. Jordan from Kandui Villas was key interpreter and driver of this phase, providing us with buckets, staff and boat for the trip. We are very thankful for this ongoing partnership.

Mar 29 - 2017Surf To School Update

Balnarring Public School

Huntah goes to Balnarring Public School in Victoria, Australia, where the school motto is "Where Nature Meets Nurture". He stood up in school assembly and spoke about Waves for Water, then organised a Surf to School Day! His mum, Sally Tynkkynen, said "Huntah is super proud to be a part of the Surf to School mission. Kids can make a difference and we love it!" Her business matched the school's donation in support. Thanks Huntah and Sally!

Narrabeen Lakes Primary School

“Pint sized Bodhi Worsley from Narrabeen Lakes Primary School spoke beautifully in front of her school and Principal and local media. Bodhi and her dad Paul demonstrated the filter system with help from a student and the Principal which made a big impact on the assembly. A very enthusiastic crowd of support in the school and wider community for another kid who is showing that Surf to School Day gives kids an opportunity to be agents for change."

Read the article here!

Tacking Point Primary School

My son Liam Norman initiated the event at school, he did a speech on Waves for Water and the great work that Winter Vincent and his family have done in Indonesia with water filtration systems. Liam was on the Student Representative Council last year and he asked if he could organise the mufti day at school. The teachers embraced the day, wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, and the kids made it a fun and successful fundraising day for a great cause! - Sally Norman, Teacher, Tacking Point Primary School

Dec 12 - 2016Surf to School Update

My name is Esther Hartley. I am a teacher and Assistant Principal at Avoca Beach Public School. A student of mine (Millie Parker, bottom centre in photo) shared her passion for Waves for Water and our class decided to take this on as a passion project. We did some research and wanted to ask our school parliament if we could have a 'surf to school' day. Unfortunately the school had already selected charities for the year so we could not ask students for more money.

We were very determined so we thought we'd target the teachers this year. Some of the students made a video that I emailed out to staff and we collected some donations off them.

Please see the Avoca Beach Public School video here!!

We raised a total of $370.70 AUD from teachers and the school disco to go towards the cause. We are particularly proud of Millie Parker who introduced the whole idea to the class and we gained so much from the project. We hope this helps lots of people in need.

Kali Gray, Mentawai islands

In March last year my friend Winter Vincent and I delivered 30 water filters to a village called Pukayarat and they all loved them so much they were shouting “MORE WATER FILTERS!” “YAY!” So last year we held a fundraiser that Winter came up with called “Surf to School” day. My school back in Sydney, Wheeler Heights Public School was able to raise enough money to buy 15 water filters. On Sunday we got up early in the pouring rain and made a boat ride to Pukayarat where we went to their church. It was really beautiful listening to all the kids sing and the elderly ladies singing with the guitar. At the end of church, I talked about the water filters to everyone and gave them to the Mayor who would give them to the families who needed them the most. Now lots of families in Pukayarat have access to clean drinking water without having to collect wood, light fires and boil the water in a pot before they can drink it.

Oct 25 - 2016Mentawais // Trip 3

Late September, 2016, our family returned to the Mentawais to partner with Kandui Villas once again on a special mission. The students at Alamanda College in Victoria, Australia, had raised enough money through all their activities to contribute 40 filters and we did the implementation on their behalf. We also were returning to the village of Tiop on Siberut island, the first village we visited 2 years prior.

The villagers of Tiop are very happy and thankful, with the majority of filters still in use. We distributed filters to the adjacent village Sarasau and their primary school, whilst replenishing some filters to those in Tiop who were in need.
We had meetings with our partners at Kandui Villas to determine needs for water catchment and filtration in other villages in the region for the next visit.

This was another heart warming visit for all involved. The impact on the school, medical clinic and community was immediate and joyous. We look forward to supporting the Mentawai people further in the months and years ahead.

Winter Vincent and family

Sep 29 - 2016Surf to School Update

Alamanda College -

A letter written to Winter's principal...

"Dear Philippa,

Winter Vincent and his mother Mel Vincent visited Alamanda College on Monday the 5th of September. This has been an exciting finale to two years of work. Our work began with a simple science experiment focused on cleaning dirty water, this fostered much discussion and students wanted to send bottled water to underdeveloped countries. After much discussion we found the Hurley Water project and a local Aussie boy named Winter. Our school has been raising money for the Hurley water project for 2 years as well as sending water filters to communities. At this moment a filter is on its way to the Philippines and in November we take more to remote communities in Uluru.

Winter is viewed as our local inspiration – our students are of similar age and his work inspired them to pursue their desire to help others.

Winter’s visit was a very fulfilling experience. Alamanda is a very large school with some 1650 students. Winter spoke to 5 assembly groups of students, answered questions, visited classes and I think was exhausted by the end of the day.

I am including a gallery of photos for your perusal.

I appreciate your preparedness to enable Winter to visit Alamanda College on Monday.

Kindest Regards,

Lyn Jobson


Park Dale Lane Elementary - Amy White

Park Dale Lane Elementary School kicked off the year with their 2nd Annual Surf to School. Amy White did a filter demonstration and encouraged the kids to do chores to earn money to help provide the kids in Indonesia access to clean drinking water. Every morning for a week, the kids brought their change and dropped it in the buckets. On Friday, the kids dressed in their surf clothes and Surf To School was a great success. They raised over $400 proving that kids CAN make a difference!

Aug 30 - 2016Surf to School Update

Kira Stubbs, Year 9 Student, Pittwater High

Thanks to the help of Winter and his family we held a Surf to School day at Pittwater High. On this Friday Winter came into our school and inspired us with his speech and filter and just blew us all away. There was so much passion and drive from such a young mind!! Even the most expert of teachers and kids learnt quite a few important things. We really treasured having Winter come and enlighten us on this amazing cause. Thankyou Winter, for everything!!

Ann-Marie Greene, Teacher, Pittwater High

Pittwater High School hosted a Waves for Water fund raising day where Winter Vincent addressed the school at a full school assembly. During Winter's presentation, he explained the program and provided a demonstration of the water filter system. This presentation had a significant impact upon our students, with many realising the effect of such a small donation can have to developing countries and their access to clean drinking water. Winter spoke with such confidence and passion about the water filters. We were very impressed with his communication skills and his awareness of global issues. We were pleased that Pittwater High School could contribute to such a worthwhile cause.

Clean Water from Tofino, Canada - Reed Platenius - SEE VIDEO HERE

A grade two teacher approached Reed and asked if he would be interested in speaking to his class about Waves for Water and his fundraiser. Reed was stoked to be invited and prepared a presentation for the class. After the presentation, the class then decided they wanted to help. They organized a number of classes in the school to do a fundraising drive, "Walk a Kilometer in their Shoes". They fundraised through pledges and walked a kilometer carrying water to highlight the billion or so people who walk on average 6 km to access clean water.

What isn't in the video is that the walk raised roughly $2,000 USD, taking Reed's fundraiser up to about $6,500 USD! We're so stoked that the money is going to Winter's Mentawaii project, Surf To School!

May 26 - 2016Surf to School Update

Ethan Dodson, St Luke’s Grammar School, Dee Why

The Surf to School Day story started at our school when my sister (Marli) and I went to the head of junior school (Mr Lear) and the head of the senior school (Mrs Robinson) over a year ago. But sadly the school was full with fundraisers that year so patiently Marli and I waited all this time but finally it happened. There were fun games like pin the surfer on the surfboard, Air Surfing ( It is where you stand on a surfboard and someone takes a photo and there were 3 winning categories - coolest, wackiest and best air surfer), Thong Throwing (you throw a thong at an object), and Guess the Surfer and the Surf Break (no one could guess all of them). For the surf breaks there were Restaurants, Bondi beach and Dee Why and the surfers were Wendy Botha, Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmour. The day was really fun and we raised over $1000 which can buy 20 water filters and have 20 more families with clean water.

Kirsty Mitchell, Year 6 teacher, Balgowlah North Public School

"As part of year 6 at Balgowlah North Public School’s topic on global connections, we were lucky enough to have Winter Vincent come and talk to us. Winter gave a short talk to the group and demonstrated how the filter worked. He then answered questions about the filter, about his trips to the Mentawai islands and about his surfing. It was an invaluable experience for the children which provided further interest and an inspiration that no matter who you are.... We can all make a difference”

National Young Leaders Day, Australia

In March, Winter Vincent toured 5 states for National Young Leaders Day with a key-note speech about Surf to School Day shows that Kids Can Make a Difference. He addressed over 15,000 primary school leaders, who spent the day listening to speakers talk about “Mastering the Little” to achieve great things.

Surfing Australia Awards

In February, Surf to School was a finalist in the Surfing Australia Surfing Spirit category. Winter Vincent proudly attended the awards night representing Waves for Water and was the youngest guest by far!

Manly Village Public School

In February, during the Australian Open of Surfing event, MVPS once again got in the spirit of things with it’s 3rd Surf to School Day. The children and teachers participated in a colourful and positive day, raising over $1000.

Zac Tinson, Belair Public School

On December 1st, 2015 Zac Tinson (left) hosted a Surf to School day at his school Belair Public School. He was inspired by his mate, 7 year old Lachlan Smith, who had lead by example and shown that even small kids can make a difference in the world. The kids at the school wore their boardies and made a gold coin donation to raise money for the water filters and the teachers said it was great to see everyone get involved to raise money for such a wonderful cause. Zac's mum commented that she was very proud of him to be involved in such a positive project, helping families in Indonesia have access to clean water, something that we all take for granted. It was a great day and they raised almost $500!

Dec 08 - 2015Surf to School Update

Clean Water from Tofino, Canada - Reed Platenius.

Reed is an 11-yr old surfer from Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. Through Instagram and Hurley, he learned about Waves For Water and the 1 in 6 people around the world who don't have access to clean water. He is raising $5000 to help deliver clean water solutions to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. When his goal is reached, enough simple water filters will be delivered to Indonesia to bring 10,000 people access to clean drinking water for five years. Reed's hometown, Tofino, is a world-renowned tourism destination, known for it's coastline, beaches and lots and lots of fresh clean rain in the winter months. Maybe being born during these winter rains inspired Reed -- he has always loved water in all its contrasting forms…He used to follow drainage and rain runoff systems as a toddler in Tofino; he's learned about rain barrel collection and grey water systems at his grandparents house in San Diego; and he has been thirsty in Mexico, frustrated that he couldn't just turn on the tap and take a drink.

In contrast to the much of the world's frustrations in accessing drinking water, Reed regularly camps and surfs in Canada's coastal wilderness where he drinks straight from clean wild streams and rivers. Reed's goal is to bring some of Tofino's plentiful clean water to folks in the Mentawai Islands who are in need.


After starting a fundraiser, Waves For Water and Hurley introduced Reed to Winter Vincent, a 10-yr old surfer from Australia who has been fundraising for water filters with Waves For Water and delivering these filters to the Mentawai Islands. Reed is super stoked to support Winter's initiative to bring clean water to over 25,000 Indonesians and he hopes to deliver filters to the Menatawai's himself someday!

Alvin Dunn Elementary - Davis, Monica, Isabella, and Julissa.

Our names are Davis, Monica, Isabella, and Julissa, and we’re ten and eleven years old. We hosted a Surf to School Day at our school, Alvin Dunn Elementary. We are an International Baccalaureate School, and we were learning about water and how we share it on our planet. We realized not everyone can just use a faucet and instantly have clean water. We found out about Winter and Surf to School Day from our teacher, and we thought that we could at least raise $50 for Waves for Water. We not only raised $50 - we raised $375! We were so happy to be able to help tons of people.

To prepare for Surf to School Day we sent home flyers, made announcements, and stood up in front of the whole school to tell them about Waves for Water. All our hard work paid off! On the day of our Surf to School event, November 20, 2015, we saw kids dumping bagfuls of change into our buckets and even $5 dollar bills! We were so amazed at how many kids were eager to help,but we were most amazed at how a simple spirit day at school can change the world!

Narrabeen Sports High - Ethan Raper.

Narrabeen is a surfing hub on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is blessed with amazing beaches, awesome surf and talented athletes. Narrabeen Sports High hosted a Surf to School Day in the name of clean water, as students acknowledged how lucky they are to have such a simple human right. Thanks to Ethan Raper for organising the day and to Winter Vincent and Cooper Chapman for visiting the school to demonstrate how the filter system works. Yeww!

Oct 14 - 2015Surf to School Update

Amy White, Park Dale Lane Elementary School.

Hi my name is Amy White and I am 9 years old and live in Encinitas, California. On September 15, 2015, Winter Vincent made his way down the coast of California to speak with me at my school. We met in the pouring rain and spoke to the 500 Park Dale Lane students about the importance of clean drinking water. We let the kids know how lucky we are and how many kids could use our help. With just the pocket change from the children in this room, we could save many lives. The kids were really into it and for the next two weeks, every morning before school, the kids dropped some change in our buckets. They asked questions about kids in Indonesia and it was amazing to see how eager they were to help. We asked them where they got their change to donate, and most kids did chores or brought some from their piggy banks!

On September 25th, Surf to School hit PDL! We had so many kids participate and it almost looked like we were at the beach! Some of the kids won prizes but everyone left feeling like a winner because we ended up raising $650!! That is enough water to help 1300 people. We all had a blast and look forward to doing it again next year! Thank you Winter for your awesome idea and making it so easy for any kid, anywhere to do it!!

The best part is another local school heard about it and they are going to host one at their school next month!

Thanks to Brown Hound Media for this rad video of the 1st PDL Surf to School!

Special thanks to Hurley, Yummy Cupcakes, and Fish 101 for the awesome prizes!!

Kali Gray, Wheeler Heights Public School

Recently l was lucky enough to travel to the Mentawai islands with Winter and our families and help provide water filters and tanks to two villages with Waves 4 Water. Winter did an amazing job helping the local people by making it easier for them to have access to clean drinking water. He did all this by running his first fundraiser and then starting Surf to Surf day and spreading the word that all kids can make a difference! This made me want to organise a Surf to School day at my own school, Wheeler Heights Public School on the Northern Beaches and show everyone how amazing the water filters were.

I spoke in assembly in front of the whole school and showed everyone how the water filters worked and even got some kids to come and taste the water. I even had my own assistant – my dad! On the day all the kids came to school wearing boardies, sundresses, Hawaiian shirts and we even got some wearing wetsuits and donated a gold coin.

We also had the SRC selling raffle tickets over the week where you could win one of three cool Hurley bags that had Hurley t-shirts, hats and other cool stuff! The following week in assembly I drew out the names of the winners and all three of them were away! I thought that was really funny.

I feel really motivated now and I want to continue helping people in need of clean drinking water!

We raised AUD$1000 from the gold coin donations and raffle tickets so can now buy about 15 filters for the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia! A big thank you to everyone that got involved and donated a gold coin or brought raffle tickets!

Tru and Jesse Starling, Pittwater House

On Friday the 4th of September, my sister Jesse and I organised for a really special ten year old boy named Winter Vincent to come in and speak to the school about Waves for Water and Surf to School, a program which he created to help raise funds to give people in third world countries something we take for granted everyday, clean, healthy water. Winter is from the Northern Beaches and has received support from around the world on this amazing program. The Waves For Water team help provide water by installing simple water filters. Every $50 raised equates to one filter, which provides water for 100 people and lasts for 5 -10 years.

With the support of Pittwater House teachers and students, people in third world countries will receive clean water for the next decade! We are really excited as this charity is based around surfing and my sister and I are very passionate surfers.

Working with Winter on the fund raising project really taught us how lucky we are to live on the Northern Beaches.

Well Done Pittwater House, we've raised $401!

Emerson Raper, North Narrabeen Public School

I was so stoked to be a part of the Surf to School Waves For Water program. We raised more than $1200 and had a heap of fun doing it. Can't wait to get to the Mentawais one day with Winter and Cooper to surf and see first hand how Waves for Water is changing peoples lives.

Aug 24 - 2015Surf to School Update

Rex Henderson - Kawana State College.

Hi, my name is Rex Henderson and I am a 10 year old grom from the Sunny Coast.

A few months ago I started following Manly grom surfer Winter Vincent on Instagram. After looking though his posts I started reading about all of the awesome things he was doing for Waves for Water. I watched his video from his trip to the Mentawai's and was completely amazed at how they could turn this dirty unsafe water into clean drinking water using a simple filter system.

I immediately wanted to do something to help, and so spoke to mum and dad about holding a Surf to School Day. Mum and Dad were equally as stoked to do something for such an awesome cause.

That night I downloaded all the information and put together a folder with a proposal for my principal. I went into school the next day and spoke to her; I gave her the folder and told her all about waves for water. She was also eager to get on board!! Awesome!!! Next step, student council…. I went to the next student council meeting and told them what I wanted to do.

They were also excited…wow!! This was easy. Now that I had everyone on board, they wanted me to speak in front of the whole parade!!! Not so easy!!! But when the day came, It really wasn't bad at all. Its amazing how easy speaking in front of so many people can be when you're passionate about the cause.

We decided to hold a crazy zinc and beach hat day, and with the help of my student leaders and principal we put up posters and sent out a note in the school newsletter. We held our Surf to School day on the 7th August. It was a great day, everyone was covered in Zinc (sorry parents) Even our principal!

It was so awesome being able to raise a bit of money for Waves for Water, but even better showing kids that even us groms can make a difference. Thanks Winter for inspiring us groms.

Looking forward to starting my next Waves for Water fundraiser.


Alamanda College - Point Cook

On Thursday the 28th of May, the Year 8 student leaders at Alamanda K-9 College in Point Cook, Victoria, organised a 'water' themed out of school uniform day. Students from the primary school and secondary school came to school dressed in blue or white, or both colours. Students who dressed wearing these colours brought a gold coin donation. Year 8 Leaders also cooked a sausage sizzle on the day, which happened at lunchtime. All of the proceeds that were made on the day went towards Waves for Water.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money for Waves for Water to supply water filters to countries in need. Waves for Water will use the money raised to buy water filters to give to the countries that need them. We ended up raising over $1500 on the day, a big thank you to everyone involved!

Tarisha Fernando – Year 8 leader

"We chose W4W as we have a major focus on water in the world in Year 7. We run the International Baccalaureate at our school so our students attempt to be as globally minded as possible and we wanted to raise money to increase access to water for individuals around the world. However, many of the organisations we found – you couldn't see where the money was going or what it would buy. So we saw Winters' video and looked at the website and found that $50 buys a water filter! We knew exactly where our money was going to go!"

Liam Ferris, Teacher, Alamanda College

Mater Maria Catholic College - Bodhi Leigh-Jones and Sophia Chapman

In order to commemorate their winning of the MR Shield Award taking 1st in the Girls Under 16 State Schools Team event, Bodhi Leigh-Jones year 8 and Sophia Chapman year 9 hosted a fundraiser for Waves for Water at their high school. On 29 July 2015, Mater Maria Catholic College had a Surf to School fundraiser in the form of a Sausage Sizzle by Surfers, rather than the customary mufti-day. Raising funds for charity is an instructive and educational element of the school's ethos and resonates with the Catholic world view.

Bodhi and Sophia lead the Mater Maria Surf Team in cooking and selling sausages for lunch outside the school's office above the expansive Warriewood Valley. Students were happy to queue up for the special lunch after they were inspired by the awards ceremony and Waves for Water at the morning assembly. Sausages were sold for $2 each and the MMCC Surf Team raised $333 for Surf to School. Bodhi and Sophia were very happy to represent such an altruistic initiative and be able to give something back through the surfing community, and to celebrate their recent successes. In the end it was a sausage sizzle, doing something for others, smiles and surfing success for all.

Jul 27 - 2015Surf to School Update

Cronulla Public School

Surf to School Day, June 10th.

The idea came about during our fortnightly Student Representative Council meeting. Students were shown a short film of Winter Vincent at the Hurley AOS and what he has been doing through his Waves for Water Surf to School initiative. Instantly the SRC were very inspired and decided they wanted to help Winter out by hosting a Surf to School Day of their own.

All students assembled in the school hall for a special assembly awaiting for some very important guests. With excitement building it was finally revealed to the Cronulla Public School students that Winter Vincent was attending the school to present. Straight from the beautiful nearby beach after a morning surf, Winter arrived at our school. Winter presented a very thourough and engaging presentation in which the students learnt about what the Surf to School program is all about, where the money raised will be going and how the water filters work.

To further students knowledge and understanding of the water filters Winter showcased the simple yet efficient water filter device. A lucky student was chosen from the crowd to sample the clean water produced. After the water filter demonstration Winter was asked a number of questions. A question proposed to Winter from a kindergarten class asked, 'why he (Winter) was so nice?'

Winter Vincent, Cooper Chapman (Hurley team rider) and Melanie Koeman (Winter's mum) made their way down to the year five classroom for an intimate question and answer time along with some interaction time with one and other.

Some great friendships were formed during this time and some great information was exchanged between all in attendance. We are thankful for their time and effort given to make this Surf to School Day the best experience possible for Cronulla Public School students. A total of $398 was collected to help Winter achieve his goal on providing clean drinking water to those in need.

Some quotes from Year 5 students, (the same age as Winter) -

- I had a wonderful day and learnt so much from Winter Vincent about his Waves 4 Water. It is amazing that he is only 10 and he is already changing the world. He is saving so many lives. I also wish I could surf like him."

- I had a lot of fun being in the presence of a 10 year old boy who is going through all this trouble of being so nice to people and so generous to them. Thank you Winter"

- This day was really great and we all had a load of fun. Winter has started something that will help a lot of unfortunate people. So now we know kids can make a difference and Winter has inspired me to make a difference."

Point Lonsdale Primary School

On Tuesday the 2nd of June Point Lonsdale Primary School ran a Surf to School day. It happened to be typical cold Victorian weather on the day but we still had a few people with board shorts and hula skirts. It was great for the whole school (150 people) involved in the Surf to School day! We didn't have one person in the whole school wearing school clothes!!!!!! We fortunately raised $208.60! It was fantastic to incorporate surfing with a casual clothes day and to be able to help other communities. We have lots of surfers of all ages throughout the school so the "Surf To School Day" appealed to everybody!

We have lots of people from our school escaping the Victorian weather to go over to Indonesia for the amazing surf so they were very happy that it was going to such a beautiful country to help young children have clean water.

Thank-you, Lucy Naylor and Point Lonsdale Primary School.

Lachlan Smith, Newcastle Grammar

My name is Lachlan I am 7 years old and I first heard about Waves 4 water when I was watching Winter Vincent on You Tube. I showed my parents that I too could help get clean water to those that need by doing a Surf to School fundraiser just like Winter.

My school principle loved the idea when Mum and I presented it to her so on the 19th of June International surfing day, all the student and teachers at my school Newcastle Grammar participated in a surf to school circuit day! It was crazy fun with 200 plus students all completing the challenges and having fun, some of the older student made cup cakes to sell and we had a raffle of some amazing Hurley gear! It was a huge success and we raised an amazing $1400 on the day.

During the lead up to the fundraiser, ABC radio in Newcastle heard about what I was doing and contacted my mum and asked if would like to come into the studio and talk about Waves for water and my fundraiser day.

I met Jill Emberson and she interviewed me live on radio, it was awesome and I felt great being able to make other kids aware of how they too can help make a difference in getting clean water to those that need.

I currently have raised $2,500 USD and hope to reach $3,000

News from Lachlan...

"A few days before my Surf to School Day, Nepal was hit by a terrible earthquake. I was really upset about the devastation that I saw and so asked that the funds I raised go towards helping Nepal. With the blessing of Surf to School, the funds were directed to the Nepal Relief Project."

May 29 - 2015Surf to School Update

- Ella Muskens, OLR School, Caloundra -

"My name is Ella Muskens. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I heard about Waves for Water Surf to School when I was watching the Hurley Australian Open in Manly this year. I thought that this would be a great idea for the school that I go to – Our Lady of the Rosary in Caloundra. At my school we have a student parliament, so I hooked up some of my friends and we wrote a "Bill" which is a document that you take to the student parliament to get voted on either For or Against by the student parliament. Our "Bill" explained why this would be a great day and fundraiser for our school to be involved in. Of course everyone in student parliament voted for this fundraiser. Another group who were doing a "Bill" for a school disco to raise funds for the P&F said that they thought it was such a good cause that they would donate the profit from the disco that was going to the P&F to Waves for Water instead."

"At assembly my friends and I talked in front of the whole school about the Surf to School Day we told them all the money that we would raise will go to the Waves for Water which is an organisation that helps people all around the world who don't have access to clean water. We put up posters around the school to remind them about this day. When this day came pretty much every person that went to my school was wearing beach clothes and board shorts even people who didn't wear beach clothes still donated. We thought this day was a massive success and everyone was excited that their gold coin donations were going to make a real difference to people who needed it. Everyone in my class brought their water bottle to show how grateful we are to have access to clean water. It was a great day." - Ella

- Jazmine Rowe, Mentari International School Jakarta

"At Mentari International School Jakarta the theme of the spirit day was changed up a bit - to 'Summer to School' day. I invited Winter Vincent from Australia (Ambassador for W4W) to come do a motivational speech. The school was so touched and the principal actually cried. The media came and asked us some questions, some of which were used to make an article, which appeared in one of the biggest newspapers in Indonesia.

Summer to School day was very much similar to that of the Surf to School day, but the girls were able to have more of a range and variety on what they could wear on the day. We found a best-dressed boy and girl and even a best-dressed teacher (yes the teachers also participated). My school wanted to raise more for this fundraiser and so I organized a mini bazaar. In this mini bazaar I asked 4 of my friends (2 of which sold clothes from their clothing line and the other two sold jewelry from their line). Everyone wanted to buy from this mini bazaar and at the end we managed to raise about IDR 3 million just from this little bazaar which lasted an hour. For your information, 20 percent of the proceeds from the mini bazaar will be donated to the W4W project.

In the following weeks, the Primary part of my school did their 'Summer to School' day. I was still very motivated to raise even more money to buy more filters, and so I reached out to two more schools and found some representatives who I have given my proposals to, so they could do a spirit day and raise money. Because I was so inspired to keep raising money for Waves for Water, I decided to use the opportunity I had at the Jakarta Highland Gathering where I sang with my band. I had a tent and I had some friends help collect donations and spread the word about Waves for Water.

So far we have raised $US1600 which I am very proud of. The money raised will be used to buy the filters for the slums near the Jakarta airport.

Throughout this whole experience I kept in mind - that you should do what you love and help along the way!" - Jazmine

- Asher Ginsburg, Newport Primary School

Asher, his sister Maya, their friends and the rest of Newport public school participated in the Waves for Water fundraiser on Thursday 7th May (which happened to be on Asher's birthday!). After hearing about Winters work with Surf for School via BLs Blastoff, Asher, a surfer himself, presented the idea to the schools year 6 parliament who made the decision to donate to W4W with a fundrasier as the plight of the Indonesian communities to receive clean drinking water seemed so important to these kids who live so close to the ocean with so much themselves. The kids of Newport school were asked to wear their surf gear and bring a gold coin donation where over $500 was raised for W4W. With the earthquake in Nepal event the week before the mufti day, some more money raised on the day went towards this important cause also.

On the day Asher stood up at the primary assembly sharing the idea around W4W and how $50 could give a village clean water for a whole year and got some great feedback from his peers! Thanks Winter for your inspiration and thanks Waves for Water to providing such an awesome essential tool to those in need.

Apr 01 - 2015World Water Day 2015

Coast to Coast Inititative - World Water Day

Over the past three years, Coast to Coast Initiative has been actively developing strong relationships within local communities throughout Indonesia, learning the customs and culture, and working with local leadership to aid in clean water, healthcare, and education initiatives. Our growing network of local leaders has helped us identify areas in great need and allows us inside access to these communities to continue supplying basic needs to people that are without.

Preparing for World Water Day, we contacted the main leader of a group of six smaller villages to organize a demonstration visit and explain that the filters were meant to help the poorest, the people with the most need, those who absolutely cannot afford to purchase filtered water. After the demonstration visit, the village head identified 8 families from each of the six smaller villages under his leadership and organized them to gather on World Water Day. He also invested some of the village's funds to purchase the buckets used to hold water, by investing in this project they showed us that they really understand the value of having these filters for their people. With the filters donated by Surf to School and Waves for Water, we led group demonstrations to the gathered families and helped them set up their own filtration system. In total, we distributed 50 filters for World Water Day.

One of the coolest parts of the day was returning to the first village to bring a filter to a woman and her badly disabled husband. They weren't on the list of people to receive a filter but she showed up to the demonstration and watched and listened attentively from the back. We learned of her and her husband while at the next village and returned afterward. When we pulled up to their hut and I handed the woman a filter, her husband stood up on his mangled foot and shook my hand with the biggest smile saying, "thank you."

There is still so much more to do… This particular group of villages is home to more than 400 families without access to clean water and we hope this is the beginning of another strong relationship with the leadership and hope to return again and again to address the water needs.

Mar 22 - 2015Mentawai's // Trip 2

Surf to School raised enough money in February for 100 water filters and 3 big water tanks that hold 2000L of water. That is so awesome! Thanks everyone who helped! So this was trip number 2 back to the Mentawai islands. It is a long trip but worth it in the end – it feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, just little islands everywhere with surf breaks around them.

You're kiddin me #Surf to School!.mp4-HD from Waves For Water on Vimeo.

By Winter

One day we visited Mapadegat, a small and happy village. We were there to celebrate the opening of a learning centre that teaches English to the locals. The kids were very enthusiastic and loved us taking our time to have fun with them. The village was a rampage of kids who were either playing soccer, tug of war or volley ball. All the kids went swimming in their clothes, they didn't care. When me and my dad were walking back up to the village I saw a kid about 12 years old and he was smoking. I could not believe it. And the other thing I noticed was every one chucked their rubbish on the street. A long time ago that would have sort of been ok since they would have had leaves as plates and coconuts as cups. But now it is plastic and that's a real problem. We trained the leaders and donated 30 filters to the Mapadegat community.

Another day we went to a small village called Pukayarat on the island of Sipora that you can only get to by boat. Every one was very friendly even though they did not speak English. They were pretty cool and knew how to juggle with a soccer ball. When we implemented the water filters they were very intense and right into it. We didn't just provide them with 30 filters we also implemented three big orange tanks that collect all the rain water so they don't have to get water from the ground which has lots of sediment in it. So then they can filter the rain water without having to worry about boiling it.

On our way home we dropped off 10 filters at Kandui Resort where we went last trip. They will put those to good use for World Water Day. We then went to Bali and met up with Caleb who runs the Coast To Coast Initiative which helps the poorest people in Bali as well as orphans. It felt really good to give 20 filters to him for an implementation in an area called Karangasem for World Water Day too. Then I surfed one of my favourite waves at Keramas for a couple of days and went home.

By Mel, Winter's mum

The successful launch of Surf To School Day in February enabled us as a family to embark on our second mission into the field. Partnering with surf travel group The Perfect Wave, we travelled to a different area of the Mentawai islands, south of our first base. Our goals were still the same – provide remote communities with access to clean water – but with each experience we realize the process is always individualised to the locals true needs and lifestyle. We worked around religious days, leadership coordination, transport logistics, language interpretation, class and meal times. Our aim was to establish good rapport with our connections for ongoing action as Surf To School continues to raise money for the area.

An important part of Surf to School is education and empowerment of local leaders, families and schools. The right to clean water is just the beginning – this in turn stimulates a demand from within the community for an improved quality of life. In the village of Mapadegat sits a community education centre teaching English and Environmental awareness with the aim to improve the livelihood of those affected by the surf tourism trade. ( ) Their teachers are now guardians of some of the filters provided by Surf to School to the village. Each remote area teacher that comes to study with them will receive a filter system and be trained in the assembly, use and maintenance of it. They will then take this filter into their community, thus spreading the impact. The Surf to School ongoing commitment is to provide more filters (and/or water tanks) with each fundraising phase and to provide support for further outreach to remote areas in the Mentawai region.

As a family, we truly feel blessed to be able to do what we love (travel, surf) and help along the way. We thank all the children and parents who are getting onboard to Surf to School in the name of clean water, demonstrating that Kids Really Can Make a Difference.

Feb 13 - 2015Launch of Surf to School Day

3 schools hosted a Surf to School Day on Friday, February 13th, as part of the launch of the project for 2015. A total of approximately 2700 students participated with enthusiasm and colour!

1. Manly Village Public School (hosted by Winter Vincent) "Today is the launch of Surf to School for 2015 (February 13th, 2015). I am really proud that MVPS started this with me. Three schools are hosting a Surf to School Day today and my aim is to have 30 schools around the world participating this year. Kids really can make a difference. Thank you very much MVPS for all your support" -Winter Vincent, year 5

2. Harbord Primary School (hosted by Harvey Cordukes)

When I showed up at school on our Surf to School Day I was stoked to see everyone supporting the cause. Hundreds of kids from K-6 had coloured zinc on their faces and their gold coin donation. Everyone was smiling and having fun. By lunchtime we had collected stacks of money and at the end of the day we found out that we had raised over $1000 for Waves for Water. This was a great feeling.

- Harvey Cordukes

3. Avalon Public School (hosted by Cedar Leigh-Jones)

Surf to school day at Avalon Public School was extremely influential for everyone. I made a speech in front of our assembly informing the students about Waves for Water and the youth initiative of raising money in schools all over Australia by collecting a gold coin donation for a mufti day. I encouraged the children to imagine what it would be like to not have available, clean drinking water in their homes. I led them to imagine their brother, sister, mother, father or even themselves dying because the only drinking water they have access to is deadly. One in five children our age in our neighbouring country, Indonesia, die because of contaminated water. We turn on the tap and clean, safe water is instantly provided. In many countries, for millions of people drinking their water can be unsafe and can kill them. Waves for Water is a charity organisation that has been created to provide access to safe, clean drinking water to people less fortunate than us. So in order to raise awareness, we all wore our favourite surf clothes to School on Friday 13 February, brought our coins, and raised $928 to give straight to Surf to school initiative to implement water filters in remote communities in the Mentawais, Indonesia. My surfing friend, Winter Vincent, and his family, took the filters and built them for the people in the villages and taught them how to use them. We are very lucky for all of the luxuries we have and it is important for us to share our compassion, energy and our abundance with those less fortunate.

-Cedar Leigh-Jones

Statistics & Progress

Destination Mentawai - Indonesia

Funds Raised
$43,386 of $45,000

Impact 45,000+