Tropical Storm Lidia Response Initiative

Project Overview

On the evening of September 1, Tropical Storm Lidia swept over Mexico’s Lower Baja Peninsula, causing devastating destruction to the region. The storm brought over a year’s worth of rain to the region in under a 24 hour period, which is half the amount of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey. The Los Cabos corridor and surrounding areas have suffered devastating flooding with a current death toll of five people. After much work in Baja California, our hearts go out to those living and working in the area. Having already endured the effects of a Hurricane Odile in 2014, the inhabitants of this region had barely recovered from previous hardship before the onset of Tropical Storm Lidia.

There are reports power outages and destruction of water infrastructure in the affected areas. Clean drinking water has been an enduring issue in Baja California Sur, beginning long before Tropical Storm Lidia. This storm is only exacerbating an already-existing water issue. The most at-risk populations are those living within a housing community known locally as the Colonias. The Colonias suffered the greatest devastation from Tropical Storm Lidia, with residents already living under conditions of poverty and not being able to afford clean drinking water.

The Clean Water Corps is launching a clean water initiative in 26 Colonias for the distribution of water filtration systems. Our intent is to bring some relief to families as they recover from their losses and ensure that they have sufficient clean water for consumption, cooking, and cleaning injuries. We reach out to you to help us increase the number of filters that we can deliver to the victims of such devastation.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Los Cabos – Baja Calfornia Sur

Funds Raised
$44,997 of $60,000

Impact 30,000+