BALI needs clean WATER


Amsterdam NL

Project Overview

Clean water should be available for everyone. The reality is remarkably different. Imagine the irony that we flush our toilets (in the Netherlands) with clean water whereas somewhere else in the world, people die because of the lack of it!

We are a family of 6, two grantparents, mom & dad and two daughters of fifteen and five years old. In July we'll travel for the third time to Bali. We know that Bali is not only the island of the good life, the big resorts with private infinity swimming pools, exquisite kitchen/food and luxury yoga retreats. The flipside is one of gross inequality. Education is expensive and for the privileged. Clean water and electricity is also not available to everybody. These are reasons why we joined the Waves for Water family. A wonderful organisation that aims to provide access to clean drinking water for every human.

For the first time in our lives we're not only going to do what we love; celebrating life, surfing, diving, and enjoying each other. This time we're not going to take something from Bali. We want to give something back and to do this we will become water couriers.

One filter costs $50 and provides 100 people with clean drinking water. Our goal is to help at least 1000 people so we need 15 filters x $50 = $750.

We are not requesting large donations as every little sum helps but if you have access to a money tree, do not hesitate to make great use of it ;) Also consider that with a donation of only $5 you have the power to help TEN human beings gain access to fresh, clean water for 5 years.

Please help us make this happen, together we can do this!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Denpasar - Bali

Filter Goal
15 of 15

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,500+


Donated $25

Donated $20

Michele Obdeijn
Donated: $50

T.van Smoorenburg
Donated: $15

S.t.j. Van Bohemen
Donated: $10

Donated $25

Donated $50

Miss Je Van Der Eijk
Donated: $25

M. Zwaneveld
Donated: $30

Donated $50